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18 Hole Course



A Great Round, All Year Round.

In 1932, the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo, Amelia Earhart, landed on what is now the 6th green at Foyle Golf Centre. Today, the location is renowned as a premium parkland golf course. Set at the foot of the Donegal Hills and offering expansive views across both sides of the border, the course is a true challenge for golfers of all handicaps and abilities.

Furthermore, this all round course is also open all year round. An extensive modern drainage system and sand-based greens laid to USGA specification give year round playability, while putting surfaces are famed for their pace and precision particularly in the summer months.


Those with length off the tee will gain an initial advantage, but accuracy will also benefit the shorter hitter who keeps it out of the hazards.  All holes present their own challenges, but the one we think you’ll relish the most is the 4th “Thornhill”, where a par at Stroke Index 2 is a score to be cherished. A long tree lined drive gives way to lengthy second shot into this indulating Par 4 green which is surrounded by sand on all sides.





After independent assessment of our course and facilities, we are proud to have been awarded the Northern Ireland Tourist Board Quality
and Assurance Mark.