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Golf Fitness Screening Program

Golf Fitness Strength Conditioning Derry City  Foyle Golf Academy


Unleash the power of your swing.

We enable golfers of all abilities to improve their golf swing, by identifying and correcting physical limitations.


The golf screen or assessment is used to identify the physical limitations which can cause common faults in the golf swing. Two main aims of the screen are to test for mobility and stability. If we can identify and correct the mobility and stability issues in the body, it will go a long way to creating a better golf swing. Some of the main areas analysed during the assessment are pelvic and hip mobility, thoracic mobility, posterior chain muscular flexibility, core strength, balance, wrist ankle and shoulder mobility. Failure in any of the tests will identify the incorrect movement pattern in your goal swing, and allow us to correct it.

Case Study


fitness Swing Fault: Sway off the ball on the back swing Physical Reasons can be because of:
– Limited right internal rotation;
Technical reason: Lack of understanding of proper swing technique – Limited thorax to pelvis separation ;
– Shortened lat flexibility and;
– Weak gluteal musculature.

The Program


Once the key physical limitations are identified, we can start formulating a program for the individual’s needs. The program can be developed for the gym or at home depending on their circumstances. Using the example above, we would start by improving mobility in the thoracic spine through various rotation exercises as this can have an impact on the mobility and flexibility around the shoulder. We would then develop glute strength through different bridges as well as squat and deadlift variations which should increase stability over the ball as well allowing better rotation during the back swing.


We also do Golf Fitness Classes every week if you want to improve your golf fitness in a more social atmosphere. To book your screen or find out about any of our fitness classes contact Sean Young or Derek Morrison at the Golf Shop for more information.



After independent assessment of our course and facilities, we are proud to have been awarded the Northern Ireland Tourist Board Quality
and Assurance Mark.