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Different Class Menswear DCM Cup Order of Merit Competition

July 26, 2023

After 36 of the Designated 39 competitions have been played in the Different Class Menswear DCM Cup Order of Merit Competition, John Spence still tops the Leader Board on 128 points from 19 competitions as Anthony Mc Monagle closes the gap to a single point after accumulating 127 points from 16 competitions, Gavin Mc Callion, Chris Lynch and James Dalzell are tied in third place on 114 points after playing 13,16 and 16 competitions respectively.

Below are the standings after Saturday 22nd July which was the 36th from the designated 39 competitions two of which had double points, having been played, with another three to play which includes the last double points competition which is “Captains Day” with the last competition now scheduled for Sunday 6th August because of the cancelled competition on Sunday 23rd July.

Full Leader Board at 22nd July, Competitions played in brackets.

John Spence [19] 128pts

Anthony Mc Monagle [16] 127pts

Gavin Mc Callion [13] 114pts

James Dalzell [16] 114pts

Chris Lynnch [16] 114pts

Ciaran Halpenny [11] 113pts

Gerry Toland [19] 111pts

Anthony Devine [11] 109pts

Anil Nagra [7] 104pts

Gary Mc Elroy [15] 104pts

Donal Davis [18] 100pts

Aaron Temple [[15] 98pts

Chris Mc Gill [[18] 98pts

Reece Nagra [17] 97pts

Stephen Martin [11] 95pts

Sean Mc Eleney [17] 92pts

Declan Coyle [10] 83pts

Kevin henderson [13] 83pts

Jason Cstello [14 82pts

William Mc Geehan [19] 80pts

Cormac Cassidy [16] 79pts

Paul Rabbett [16] 78pts

Gary Mc Closkey [20] 76pts

Kevin Doran [13] 75pts

Kieran Duffy [15] 75pts

Mark Mc Loughlin [11] 73pts

Michael Duffy [14] 72pts

george Fitzpatrick [12] 7pts

Ciaran O’ Doherty [13] 69pts

Eamon O’ Kane [12] 68pts

Joe Lynch [12] 67pts

Paddy Mc Cafferty [13] 66pts  [TOP 32]

Richie Mc Rory [8] 65pts

Aaron Lees [7] 62pts

Steven Brown [7] 60pts

Jason Murray [13] 58pts

Brendan Grimes [9] 57pts

Stephen Smyth [13] 57pts

Sean Cassidy [8] 56pts

Conor Mc Daid [14]56pts

Declan Mc Gowan [9] 55pts

John Coyle [10] 54pts

John A Lafferty [13] 54pts

Barry Downey [7] 52pts

Steven Kivelehan [10] 52pts

Martin Mc Eleney [12]52pts

Bryan Mc Bay [11] 51pts

Gavin Devlin [9] 47pts

Laurance Traynor [13] 47pts

Gary Jackson [12] 45pts

Harry Laferty [12] 45pts

Houston Glenn [5] 44pts

Vinnie Brady [12] 44pts

Raymond Tracey [8] 42pts

Ronnie Kennedy [9] 41pts

Dermott Harkin [9] 39pts

Gerry Harkin [12] 39pts

Ethan Mc Laughlin [4] 38pts

Andrew Temple [5] 38pts

Jackie Thomas [10] 38pts

Conor O’ Doherty [11] 35pts

Dylan Mc Daid [13] 32pts

Mani Kular [4] 31pts

Cyril Ming [6]31pts

Jim Mc Grotty [13] 30pts

James Cross [9] 26pts

Declan Mc Kinney [11] 26pts

Eugene Mc Laughlin [3] 24pts

Chris Forbes [10] 24pts

Gary Soal [4] 20pts

James Doherty [8] 19pts

Marc Mc Laughlin [5] 15pts

Jamie Ming [7] 14pts

Ciaran Mc Guinness [5] 12pts

Declan Harkin [5] 10pts

Seamus Mc Laughlin [3] 8pts

Michael Anderson [2] 4pts

Shan Duffy [2] 4pts

Kevin Mc Daid

Matthew Wagstaff


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