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Christmas Hamper Sunday 30th November 2014

November 25, 2014

Christmas Hamper on Sunday 30th November  has a near capacity time sheet therefore all players taking part are asked to report at least 15 minuted before their allotted tee time to help with the smooth running of the competition, also it may not be possible to facilitate late arrivals.


Christmas Hamper Draw & Tee Times.


08.20    P Anderson    M Campbell    D Mc Cay    J Mc Callion
08.28    S  Gauld    D Knox Jun.    E Mc Dermott    G Jackson
08.36    D Knox    H Doherty    G Mc Elroy    M Mc Closkey
08.44    S Ferry    S Ferry    P Dunn    D Ball
08.52    E Ball    M Henry    D Stevenson    C Gillen
09.00    M Doherty    D Harkin    G Toland    R Tracey
09.08    E O’ Kane    J Mc Dowell    J Jennings    C O’ Doherty
09.16    S Mc Eleney    M Mc Eleney    P Mc Cafferty    J Lynch
09.24    C Lynch    K Thomas    P Mc Eleney    N Cooke
09.32    K Mc Dermott    M Moran    N Mc Guinness    J Logue
09.40    J Meehan    M Mc Callion    F Logue    R O’ Connor
09.48    C Mc Dermott    K Bradley    M Loughrey    E Hutton
09.56    S Moore    J Bradley    J Thomas    P Smyth
10.04    A Gurney    K Duffy    G Fitzpatrick    D Burns
10.12    K Crumley    C Cassidy    P Cassidy    E O’ Hagan
10.20    R Harkin    D Harkin    B Grimes    R Page
10.28    M Coyle    M Tope    F Doherty    K Mc Bride
10.36    S Martin    C Mc Gedy    J Mc Grotty    J Coyle
10.44    M Temple    T Bryson    D Kivelehan    G Mc Donnell
10.52    A Another
11.00    S Kennedy    C O’ Hagan    T Harkin
11.08    K Dunn    D Martin    V Brady    C O’ Donnell
11.16    R Kennedy    G Harkin    P Mc Daid
11.24    A Jackson    S Mooney    Eoghan Ball
11.32    A Another


After independent assessment of our course and facilities, we are proud to have been awarded the Northern Ireland Tourist Board Quality
and Assurance Mark.