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Mr Rob Gallagher’s Presidents Day Saturday 21st July 2018 DRAW

July 17, 2018

Foyle Golf Club President Mr Rob Gallagher extends best wishes to all the Members playing on his Presidents Day.

All players taking part are asked to book in at least 15 minutes before their allotted tee time to help with the smooth running of the event.


The Following is the draw for playing partners;

07.56     J Mc Callion    G Mc Closkey    P Duddy    B Mc Chrystal

08.04    G Mc Guigan    P Anderson    S Gauld    D Knox

08.12    Sean Ferry    Peter Cassidy    J Bradley    S Mc Laughlin

08.20    Seamus Ferry    I Hargraves    S Moore    Eddie Ball

08.28    J Mc Dowell    S Mc Eleney    M Mc Eleney    J Murray

08.36    A Another

08.44    J Meehan    G Mc Callion    J Mc Fadden    S Sands

08.52    A Another

09.00    M Coyle    G Mc Elroy    P Mc Guigan    M Mc Keone

09.08    G Jackson    R Moore    M Kivelehan    J Spence

09.16    D Kivelehan    A Mc Keever    M Duddy    C O’ Doherty

09.24    J A Lafferty    M Kielty    D Mc Kinney    P Mc Cafferty

09.32    J Duffy    G Kennedy    A Browne    P Kemish

09.40    A Another

09.48    A Another

09.56    S Gibson    D Ming    P Maxwell    S Radcliffe

10.04    E Hutton    N Cassidy    C Cassidy    A Gurney

10.12    K Duffy    Paul Cassidy    A Jackson    S Mooney

10.20     D Meenan    M Dunn    G Tyre    J Hannaway

10.28    S Haslett    C Haslett    J Etherson    K Dunn

10.36    A Another

10.44    K Mc Callion    K Henderson    C Forbes    D Harkin

10.52    D Mc Cafferty    V Brady    C O’ Donnell    Conor O’ Doherty

11.00    S Kivelehan    G Harkin    R Kennedy    J Mc Cauley

11.08    A Another

11.16    A Another

11.24    A Another

11.32    Ladies Until  12.52

13.00    Presidents Guests Until 13.56

14.04    A Another

14.12   W Mc Geehan    J Comey    J S Doherty     J O’ Reilly

14.20    A Another

14.28    T Daly    D Campbell    M Tierney

After independent assessment of our course and facilities, we are proud to have been awarded the Northern Ireland Tourist Board Quality
and Assurance Mark.